Pupper Place

Pamper Your Pupper


I put a lot of thought into the tagline for Pupper Place. What better message for my boarding kennel than this?

“Pamper Your Pupper.”

It’s that simple.

Meet the girl behind the dogs…

From the beginning, I wanted to create a place where I would be willing to leave MY dogs. I want your dogs’ stay to be more than a kennel, better than paying per walk or cuddle, and safe to be themselves individually and not in a daycare group. I want them to be spoiled. That’s why they get big comfy kennels, plenty of blankets in bed, toys, treats & enrichment snacks. I even make pup cups to give to them! We love meeting new dogs and their owners! 💚 Ellen

My name is Mary Ellen Morgan; most people know me as Ellen. I have three dogs: my Red Heeler/Rough Collie, Baxter; Bailey, our German Shepherd/Border Collie; and Charlie, our Great Pyrenees/Catahoula. As you can tell, I have a special place in my heart for a fluffy mutt. I grew up with dogs. My parents bred Great Danes when I was younger, and we’ve had everything from Labs to a Dachshund, AKC show dogs to rescue strays.