Have you heard of this mystery new illness affecting dogs?

Not much is known about it other than it’s a respiratory illness that has the potential to be fatal if not treated. Its symptoms are similar to kennel cough and canine influenza.

Please note: if your dog is exhibiting symptoms, please contact us to cancel your reservation until cleared by your vet. If a dog develops symptoms after arrival, they will be taken to the vet and placed in isolation following our process for emergency treatment.

We follow extensive cleaning procedures before, during, and after each guests stay. We use Rescue, a medical grade, pet disinfectant. Our outside kennels are treated nightly after the doggie doors are closed for the night. We treat the play yard bi-weekly, but are increasing that to nightly as well. Each kennel is cleaned with Rescue before and after each stay and we clean each kennel daily during your Puppy’s stay with us with a more gentle disinfectant.

We only use solo water bowls for each dog with no shared water available. We don’t do group play at Pupper Place, so we avoid issues that arise from that already.

Odds of this happening is low, but we want to take all precautions and are prepared. We take the health and wellness of all our clients pups very seriously and want to provide the best and safest services we can!

Link to help you find a disinfectant for you: